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Not only will this blog contain information about the 2008 Barefoot Reunion newsletter, but it will also contain the 90th Barefoot Commemorative Booklet.

Friday, August 7, 2009

90th BAREFOOT REUNION COMMEMORATIVE BOOK By Sylvia Coleman, Vicki Erdley, Betsy Hawthorne, Sylvia Sonneborn

Thanks to Sylvia Coleman for starting us off, Vicki Erdley for typing the older minutes, to Betsy Hawthorne for checking lineage and finding obituaries, to Ella Hammer Krise for keeping a scrapbook, for Eleanor Hott Kinnan for keeping tubs of information,and for Sylvia Hott Sonneborn for the layout, writing of articles, and compiling, and for Sharon Sheldon and Becky Barefoot for some historical information. We all present this book to the Barefoot Clan for the 90th Barefoot Reunion. This commemorative book is being uploaded by Sylvia Hott Sonneborn.

i Table of Contents put together by Sylvia Hott Sonneborn

ii Table of Contents; Dedication to the late Eleanor Hott Kinnan, Barefoot Reunion Association President from 1992 to 2005. She served as president for 14 years and brought the clan back together when it almost stopped meeting. We dedicate this book to her memory.

Introduction Barefoot Reunion Memories for the 90th Barefoot Crest; Introduction by Sylvia Hott Sonneborn, Descendant of Elizabeth Barefoot Hammer

Barefoot Reunion Assocation President's Message by Vicki Erdley, Johnstown, PA, in 2007

page 1 "Breaking a Tradition," speculation and facts about Benjamin Barefoot and Rebecca Ross Barefoot

page 2 Joanna Furnace History - This is the place where Rebecca Ross, wife of Benjamin Barefoot, went to work. The late Attorney Bill Kreiger determined that Rebecca probably cooked for the men as there was a kitchen, and the furnace kept the shhifts going round the clock, so they had women cooking to feed the men in the furnance. Nonetheless, Rebecca Ross Barefoot probably went to work because Benjamin Barefoot was no longer in Berks County, and she had to provide support for herself and her children.

page 3 Notes by Sharon Sheldon on the pages from the Rebecca Ross Bible

page 4 Photos of Rebecca Ross's bible

page 5 Photos of Rebecca Ross's bible

page 6 Tribure to Our Ancestors; Obituary for Mary Sleek/Slick Barefoot and James Barefoot; "You Can Be Proud to Be a Barefoot from BArefoot Hollow"

page 6 Original obits of James and Mary Sleek/Slick Barefoot

page 7 Obituaries for William Barefoot, Annie B. Taylor, and B. Blaine Barefoot

page 8 Sketch of William Lowrey Rininger; Job S. Barefoot's horse races; Obituary for Lucy Barefoot

page 9 Obituary of Job S. Barefoot; Injuries to Daniel Barefoot; Obituary of Mary Irene Barefoot; Heavyweight turkey brought by Oscar Barefoot

page 10 Marriage of John Dennison and Lizzie C. Barefoot in 1886; Rebecca (Job) Barefoot's barn burns; Obituary for Mrs. James Reininger

page 11 Obituaries of Henry Shoenthal and Mary E. Barefoot; election of teachers in 1918 in local schools

page 12 Obituaries of Miss Charlotte Barefoot [daughter of James and Mary Barefoot], Mrs.Francis G. Growden, Charlotte Elizabeth Dennison, Mr. James Barefoot; Marriage of W. S. Barefoot and Jennie Barclay and thunderstorm burned barn of Jane BArefoot.

page 13 Souvenir Booklet or Memory Booklet of the Upper Barefoot School, West St. Clair Twp., Bedford County, PA, Term 1905-1906, was given to the pupils by the teacher Elizabeth Emrick.

page 14 Home of Daniel maddox Cauffiel - Painting of Alexander Hammer Cauffiel, Daniel Maddox Cauffiel, Mary (Hammer) Cauffiel [daughter of Elizabeth Barefoot and Solomon Hammer], Nettie Cauffiel Lohr. Painting made approx. 1890 in front of farmhouse Daniel M. Cauffiel built in 1881 in Conemaugh Twp., somerset, PA.

page 15 First Barefoot Reunion Newspaper Article; Advertisement for the First Family Reunion and Basket Picnic; death of Eliza Watkins; Marriage of eliza Barefoot and John Watkins; Death of Edward Barefoot.

page 17 The First Barefoot Reunion - August 17, 1918 at the Osterburg Picnic Grove, Osterburg, Pennsylvania

page 18 FIRST BAREFOOT REUNION OF 17 AUGUST 1918 - held at Osterburg Picnic Grove, Pennsylvania, entire group picture including band that entertained

page 19 Anna E. Horn thank-you note on death of son Dr. H. F. Horn, Obituary of William Vickroy taylor and Dr. Harry Tarlor Horn

page 20 Lillian R. Barefoot operates beauty parlor; Obituaries for Solomon B. Mock and Ross Barefoot; William S. Barefoot purchases acetylene light plant

page 21 Newspaper article on the 2nd Barefoot Reunion at Pleasantville on 23 August 1919; Mrs. Rufus Hammer to teach at upper Barefoot School; Obituary for Mrs. margaret Moore Alstadt.

page 22 Marriage Certificate of Joseph Sleek Hammer (Elizabeth Barefoot's son) and Lizzie Ann Barnhart; Obituary of Isaac Reininger, 3rd Annual Barefoot Reunion of 14 August 1920; 4th Annual Barefoot Reunion of 13 August 1921

page 23 Originals of page 22

page 23 A Gathering of the Barefoots in the 1920's

page 24 Obituaries for Mrs. Isabella Taylor, Mrs. Ann Eliza Horn, Miss Sarah Barefoot, and birthday of Miss Sarah Margaret "Maggie" Barefoot.

page 25 Obituaries for Elizabeth Barefoot Hammer's daughters Mary Hammer Cauffiel and Charlotte Livingston, Charlotte husband David Livingston's photo; obituary for elizabeth Barefoot Hammer's grandson Daniel Cauffiel of Wilimngton, Delaware, d. 1934

page 26 Obituaries for Elizabeth Barefoot Hammer's children Charlotte Hammer Livingston and David Mark(s) Hammer; David's sons Albert, William, and George Hammer, Luly miltenberger Hammer (William's wife)

page 27 Obituaries of Elizabeth (Barefoot) Hammer's eldest son Joseph Sleek Hammer and his wife Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie Ann) Barnhart Hammer.

page 28 60th Anniversary of Elizabeth Barefoot's son Ross Forward Hammer and wife Polly Speigle Hammer; obituaries for Ross Forward and Polly Hammer, John C. Hammer.

page 29 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th Barefoot Reunions - 1923, 1024, 1925, 1927; Obituaries of William Aldstat and George Barefoot

page 30 Obituaries of Anna E. Griffith and Daniel J. Horn; Article about Samuel Barefoot, Descendants of George and Mary Jane (Edwards) Barefoot Dinner in 1952

page 31 Annual Barefoot Reunion of 18 August 1928; Obituaries for Joseph Mock and Fred Moore.

page 32 Obituaries for Mary B. (Taylor)Shoenthal, Samuel Timlow Taylor, and Alcinda (Smith) Taylor.

page 33 Obituaries of William Wesley Ankeyn, Ann Eliza Stanton Ankeny, and Dr. William B. Ankeny.

p. 33 Origial obits from previous page.

page 34 Deeds of land sold for Evangelical Association from Samyel and Anna Barefoot; Hattie Barefoot damages in 1930; Marriabe of Samuel R. Babefoot to Loretta Beegle; Eleven childrten of Anna Barefoot attend Barefoot Reunion

page 35 Newspaper articles on the 13th Annual Barefoot Reunion and the house being destroyed by fire on 24 March 1933

page 36 Annual Barefoot Reunion of 15 August 1931; Photo of the Strange and Masters Families in 2005 at the Barefoot Reunion in the Sequoia Pavilion at the Windber Recreation Park, Windber, Pennsylvania

page 37 Obituary of Joseph Cauffiel, son of Daniel Maddoxs and Mary (Hammer) Cauffiel, served as the Mayor of Johnstown, Pennsylvania

page 38 Barefoot Reunion of 19 August 1933. On 24 March 1933 the James Barefoot log cabin, built in 1817, burned down. The cabin was over 100 years old. Photo: Descendants of Elizabeth Barefoot Hammer - Betsy Hawthorne, Clark, Gerald Robert, Eleanor Kinnan, Gail Prave, Fred, and Sylvia Sonneborn - all Hott siblings. Missing Mary Hutchison and Nancy O'Hara. Children of Coy Elga and Elizabeth Mae (Krise) Hott.

page 39 16th Annual Barefoot Reunion of 19 August 1933. Note that the Clan awarded an heirloom - a treasure box made by James Barefoot in 1817 - to the Stanton Branch of the family that year. The heirloom was in the possession of Mrs. Mary Jane (Stanton) Fleck. Does anyone know what ever happened to the heirloom?

page 40 1933 Barefoot Reunion. To try to reduce the photo, the images become extremely small, and it is impossible to identify anyone. It was scanned and broken down as much as possible for the individual families represented. A lot of members of a particular group are overlapping into the family group next to them. The first is the family of Joseph Sleek Hammer, son of Elizabeth Barefoot and Solomon Nunemaker Hammer

page 41 Rininger and Taylor Families

page 42 Taylor and Moore Families

page 43 Alexander Vale Stannton Family

page 44 James Barefoot and Samuel Barefoot Families

page 45 William Barefoot Family

page 46 Part of a large Barefoot Reunion Photo with the Job Barefoot Family

page 47 20th Annual Barefoot Reunion Program and postcard of 14 August 1937; Obituary of Samuel R. Barefoot in 1934

page 48 21st Annual Barefoot Reunion postcard of 13 August 1938; Photo of Angela Espenshade, Stan Mills, Natalie Warren, and Peggy Parrish (last 3 are siblings); Angela is daughter of Penny Espenshade

page 49 Obituaries for Mrs. Sarah R. Livermore, Mary Della (Moore) Emerick, and Samuel Ross Rininger; marriage of John Moore and Rebecca Barefoot

page 50 22nd Annual Barefoot Reunion of 19 August 1939; Obituary of Harry Moore.

page 51 23rd and 24th Barefoot Reunion Postcards; Deaths; Obituary for Mary Jane (Stanton) Fleck

page 52 23rd Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 18 August 1940 and 24th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 17 August 1941; obituaries of Sarah Rebecca (Barefoot) Reynolds and Annettie (Hammer) Shaffer.

page 53 Elizabeth (Barefoot) Hammer's Descendants - Obituary for Dr. Charles m. Hammer, son of Joseph Sleek and Lizzie Ann Barnhart Hammer; 50th Wedding Anniversary of Warren Samuel Padget Krise and Ella (Hammer) Krise, daughter of Joseph Sleek Hammer.

page 54A Executive Meeting; Photos of The Lyn Barefoot Family; Dorothy Barefoot Organized a Band, John and June Hammer; Dick McFeaters as his honors his mother Ivis Barefoot McFeaters Cann in Ancestor Spotlight 2001

page 54B Executive Meeting of Barefoot Reunion held 30 July 1942 at home of Mrs. Anna Barefoot Smith; Obituary of Samuel Barefoot and History of Barefoots Con't. on next page.

page 54C Obituary of Samuel Barefoot and History of Barefoots Con't.

page 55 37th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes; Obituary for S. Hammer Cauffiel.

page 56 Photos - Elizabeth Jane Barefoot Reasy, Emma Barefoot Henderson, and Ann Ardella Barefoot. 2003 Photo of the Masters and Strange Families. Row 2 Pam and Jim Strange, Charles David and Jane Masters. Back Row - Corinna Strange Yeaer and Jeremy Yeager. Others unknown.

page 57 1954 Annual Barefoot Reunion Newspaper Articles - President Edwin M. Barefoot and also President Landis Barefoot later united into one reunion (1955)

page 58 Two Barefoot Reunions in 1954; Landis Barefoot became the president of both reunions and joined them together; Obituary of Landis E. Barefoot in 2001. Landis attended the Barefoot Reunions all of his life.

page 59 Obituaries of Dr. Franklin Forest Ferry, Bryan Cox, and Roy N. Mock; Social news of Sam Barefoot spending time with his daughter mrs. Dorsey S. Ling.

page 60 27th (Really 38th) Annual Barefoot Reunion Postcard of 7 August 1955 - Two different reunions were going on at the same time; eventually they joined into one.

page 61 38th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 7 August 1955

page 62 38th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 7 August 1955

page 63 39th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes and postcard

page 64 40th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 4 August 1957; Obituary for IG Pickworth and his wife Melissa A. E. Hammer Pickworth

page 65 41st Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 3 August 1958; Obituaries of Russell J. "Doc" Barefoot, Sr., his wife Laura "Pat" Barefoot

page 66 42nd Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 3 August 1959; Photo of Solomon Hammer Clan [Second Row: Solomon and Elizabeth Barefoot Hammer; Obituary of Daniel H. Barefoot

page 67 43rd Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 7 August 1960

page 68 31st and 33rd Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 2 August 1959 and 1960; Photographs of Tim and Sandi Barefoot in 2006

page 69 Marriage of Howard C. Barefoot and Bussie Smith; Obituaries for Gussie Smith, Sarah Jane Barefoot, Mary Jane Stanton, and John A. Henderson

page 70 44th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 6 August 1961; Motion made by Edwin Barefoot to put marker on Rebecca Ross's grave
page 71 1962 Barefoot Reunion Minutes; Obituaries of Grace L. Barefoot Feather and Paul D. Barefoot

page 72 Letter from Walter Barefoot in 1961-2, requesting contributions to the Rebecca Ross Monument and a Newspaper Photo of the Marker with Erroneous Information

page 72 List of Contributors to Erect a New Tombstone for Rebecca Ross Barefoot with the erroneous lineage information (1962)

page 74 45th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 5 August 1962; Obituary of William S. Stanton and James Albert Barefoot

page 75 45th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 5 August 1962

page 76 45th Annual Barefoot Reunion Program of 5 August 1962

page 77 Obituaries for Charles R. Barefoot, Howard J. Taylor, Laurene (Taylor) Keyser, and Anna B. Barefoot (wife of Harold B.)

page 78 46th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes and Obituaries of August 1963

page 79 47th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes and Obituaries of 2 August 1964

page 80 Obituaries for Ella (Hammer) Krise (descendant of Elizabeth Barefoot through her son Joseph; Obituary for Ella Hammer's husband Warren Samuel Padget Krise; Descendants of Ella Hammer Krise - Ashley, Becca, Eirc and Maryanne Hott, Questa (Mark) Hott, Bob Hott and his daughter Roberta Woodley, and back right Sylvia (Hott) Sonneborn

page 81 48th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes and Obituaries of 6 August 1965

page 82 49th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 7 August 1966

page 83 50th Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 6 August 1967; 50th Anniversary of Ward and Eula Nunamaker Barefoot; Obituary of Ward Barefoot

page 84 Program for the 50th Annual Barefoot Reunion of 6 August 1967

page 85 50th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 6 August 1967

page 86 Letter from J. Irving Whalley, Congressman, in 1967; Newspaper article on

page 87 51st Barefoot Reunion Minutes, 52nd, 54th, and 55th Postcards

page 88 56th, 57th, and 58th Annual Barefoot Reunion Postcards

page 89 58th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 3 April 1975; Obituary of Mrs. Goldie B. Mills

page 90 Postcards from 59th, 61st, 62nd, and Letter from Mrs. Elizabeth Hott about 60th Reunion

page 91 60th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 7 August 1977

page 92 61st Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 6 August 1978

page 93 Postcards from 63rd, 64th, 65th, and 66th Barefoot Reunion

page 94 63rd Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 3 August 1980; Obituary for Vernon G. Geisel

page 95 Photo 1982 - 65th Barefoot Reunion; Letter in 1983 to Clan from officers

page 96 65th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes; Photo - Stephanie and Dorothy Barefoot
Improved 1983 Barefoot Reunion Group - President Eleanor Kinnan in navy=blue slacks and blouse

page 97 Photos: 1983 Barefoot Reunion Group Photo, Billie Anne Huff, Prize winners - Wards, Landis Barefoot, Eva Skelley, Carls, and Huffs

page 98 66th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes and Glenn Hartley Barefoot Registration Card

page 99 Postcards from the 67th, 68th, 69yh, and 70th Barefoot Reunions

page 100 67th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 12 August 1984

page 101 68th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 11 August 1985

page 102 69th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes; Photo - Eleanor Hott Kinnan - Recording and Corresponding Secretary, Steve Calarco - President.

page 103 70th Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 9 August 1987. Obituary for Dr. Samuel Hammer.

page 104 71st Annual Barefoot Reunion. Photo: Font Row Steve Claraco, wife and children, children, Stephanie Barefoot in blue, Eleanor Kinnan in light blue dress, Bill Barefoot in red hat and blue shirt. Back Row: Max Barefoot in flat hat and brown trousers, Sylvia Sonneborn brunette with head turned, Bob Barefoot, Rusty Barefoot with hair in brow, at end Penny Barefoot Espenshade with long brown hair, mother Dorothy Hagens Barefoot with shorter lighter hair, Tim Barefoot in orange shirt and flat hat. Tallest guy with glasses - Jeff Kinnan.

page 105 Letter from Eleanor Kinnan to reorganize the reunion; 72nd Annual Barefoot Reunion Agenda

page 106 72nd Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes; 73rd Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes. Rusty Barefoot resigned as president and all records and funds were turned over Eleanor Kinnan to reorganize the reunion.

page 107 75th Barefoot Reunion Agenda; 74th Barefoot Reunion not held because of poor attendance. Reunions resumed in 1992.

page 108 75th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 2 august 1992

page 109 75th Barefoot Reunion Agenda; Photo - 1992 Reunion Photo - Front Row: Unk, Dick Geisel, Sylvia Coleman, Bill Barefoot, Maybe Claraco with children, unk man holding child, Megan Tinsmith, Becca with mother Maryanne and father Erick Hott behind, Ashely Hott with Shelby behind; Amiee Tinsmith with little brother Buddy Tinsmith in front, Possibly Elizabeth Tinsmith, Nancy Tinsmith in dark shirt with tag, unk holding head, Heather Prave, Sylvia Sonneborn sitting in chair impersonating Betsy Ross, maybe Fred Hott with several others. Second Row: many unknown, Eleanor Kinnan with sunglasses, two unk women, Betsy Hawthorne in medium dark t-shirt, go to next dark t-shirt Penny Espenshade, unk, unk, Hammer on end in hat. Last row: white hair Landis Barefoot, by big tree Richard and Jeffrey Kinnan.

page 110 76th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 1 August 1993

page 111 76th Barefoot Reunion Minutes Con't.; Photo - Bernard Barefoot's Family - Mike, Mary Ellen (Barefoot) Young, Tom, and another brother. Dave Dashiell in front (Mary Ellen's friend)

page 112 1993 Barefoot Reunion Business Meeting Agenda; Gary Mickle and Sylvia Geisel Coleman's Advertisement for the Barefoot Book (James Barefoot and Mary Sleek)

page 113 1993 Barefoot Reunion Announcement; Photos - Marty Cree performing Miss America routine, Sylvia Hott Sonneborn protraying Mary Sleek/Slick Barefoot

page 114 77th Annual Barefoot Reunion Agenda

page 115 77th Annual Barefoot Reunion of 7 August 1994

page 116 78th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 6 August 1995

page 117 78th Annual Barefoot Reunion Agenda; Photo of Officers - Sylvia Sonneborn, Bill Barefoot, Betsy Hawthorne, Pres. Eleanor Kinnan; 1995 Treasurer's Report by Sylvia Hott Sonneborn, Treasurer

page 118 79th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 4 August 1996

page 119 Barefoot Reunion 1996 Agenda; Photo - Bill Barefoot, Sylvia Sonneborn, Betsy Hawthorne, President Eleanor Kinnan; Group Photo about 1996

page 120 Landis Barefoot's Memories of His First Barefoot Reunion in 1920; Photos of the Hotts and Woodleys

page 121 80th Barefoot Reunion Correspondence from President Eleanor Hott Kinnan

page 122 80th Annual Barefoot Reunion Minutes

page 123 "80th Annual Barefoot Reunion" agenda - President Eleanor Kinnan

page 124 "Eighty Years of Barefoot Reunions," the memories of President Eleanor Hott Kinnan

page 125 Photos of the 80th Barefoot Reunion of 3 August 1997. some Officers - Sylvia Hott Sonneborn, Betsy Hott Hawthorne, Pres. Eleanor Hott Kinnan; Below, the Ardel McFeaters McLaughlin Family.

page 126 81st Barefoot Reunion of 2 August 1998

page 127 Our First Barefoot Bulletin, edited by Corresponding Secretary Jack Sonneborn, assisted by wife Sylvia (Desc. of Elizabeth Barefoot)

page 128 82nd Barefoot Reunion of 1 August 1999

page 129 83rd Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 6 August 2000

page 130 2001-2 Postcards; Photos of Eva Skelly and Clair Mock

page 131 84th Barefoot Reunion Minutes of 5 August 2001

page 132 84th Barefoot Reunion Minutes Con't.

page 133 Ancestor Spotlight Ivis Barefoot McFeaters Cann by her son Richard P. McFeaters

page 134 85th Barefoot Reunion Minutes

page 135 85th Barefoot Reunion Minutes Con't.; Photo John and June Hammer, Emma and Travis Trevorrow

page 136 Ancestor Spotlight Eleanor May Cauffiel Rutledge by niece Rebecca B. Lovingood

page 137 Eleanor May Cauffiel Rutledge by niece Rebecca B. Lovingood; Photos Eleanor Rutledge, Becky Lovingood, Robert Lovingood (Eleanor's nephew)

page 138 86th Barefoot Reunion Minutes

page 139 86th Barefoot Reunion Minutes Con't.

page 140 Ancestor Spotlight Russel "Doc" Barefoot by his sons Rusty and Bill Barefoot; photos of Bill, Rusty, and Doc Barefoot; Bobbie Ann Hott Woodley

page 141 Postcards and Obituary of past president Eleanor Lee Hott Kinnan

page 142 87th Barefoot Reunion Minutes

page 143 87th Barefoot Reunion Minutes con't.

page 144 Ancestor Spotlight Batha Mary Matilda Barefoot Ling by her daughter Batha Mary Matilda Risher

page 145 Batha Mary Matilda Barefoot Ling Con't.

page 146 88th Barefoot Reunion Minutes

page 147 88th Barefoot Reunion Con't.; Photo of Dorothy Barefoot (wife of Bill), Jack Sonneborn, and Maryanne Hott (wife of Eric).

page 148 Ancestor Spotlight of 100 year-old Clair Mock, presented by his daughter Donna Everhart

page 149 Clair Mock Con't; the late Bob Barefoot

page 150 89th Barefoot Reunion Minutes

page 151 89th Reunion Minutes Continued

page 152 89th Reunion Minutes Continued

page 153 Ancestor Spotlight of Elizabeth Mae Krise Hott by Eleanor Kinnan, Read by Nancy Hawthorne Tinsmith

page 154 Richard Kinnan, Old Timers, The End